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Do Breo Scalp Massagers Really Stimulate Hair Growth?

If you’ve ever had a Breo scalp massage, you no doubt recall how relaxing it felt. Besides easing stress and tension, there’s also buzz around scalp massages being able to promote hair growth.

Is this just a myth or is there truth to this additional benefit of a scalp massage? Though research is limited, there may be some promise to this theory, depending on your hair growth needs.

In this, we’ll take a closer look at the breo Scalp Mini massage device. If you want other hair growth tips, we’ve got those for you, too.

Scalp massage device generally has four small heads that run along the scalp and stimulate the different pressure points.

Everyone knows about neurons, cells that control the way we move, feel, and think, and automated body functions such as heartbeat and digestion. Neurons make up only a small number of our cells, but our brain also has astrocytes and microglia that support them. Astrocytes are star-shaped cells that supply nerve tissue with nutrients, regulate blood flow in the brain, and contribute to the repair of the brain and spinal cord, especially after physical trauma and infection. Microglia, on the other hand, are important cells in the maintenance of the entire brain because they constantly clear the brain to look for signs of infection. When you experience trauma such as physical and emotional blows to the body and mind and infections, a variety of processes take place, ultimately leading to hyperactivity of microglial cells and causing inflammation of the brain. This inflammation can last for years, and its symptoms include, among other things, headache, dizziness, fainting, oblivion, loss of concentration, insomnia, and general malaise.


Inflammation in the body is most commonly removed by massage and hyperthermia, which promotes fluid flow under the muscular membrane. The treatments mentioned above help the body's lymphatic system transport fluids containing white blood cells throughout the body. This fluid, called "lymph," not only helps fight infections in the body, but also helps remove toxins, waste products, and other unwanted substances. Until recently, it was thought that the brain had no lymphatic system. However, recent studies show that the brain has a "grindetic" system that allows the excretion of neurotoxins (heavy metals, infectious organisms, harmful chemicals, etc.) and "bad" proteins (amyloid beta protein, etc.). This is one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease. A trained osteopath will feel the position and movement of the 23 bones of the skull to assess the overall health of the brain, and the orderly kneading will accelerate the flow of subdural fluid and trauma to the brain. Symptoms (relieves both physical and emotional) are very common in modern society. Osteopathic cranial treatment usually lasts 30-45 minutes, but longer treatments require long-term treatment.

BREO's Scalp Massage device recreates the movements of leading osteopathic professionals in handheld and wearable models. This allows users to recreate osteopathic cranial treatment relief with home comfort at a fraction of the cost.

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